How it works

It's easy to earn points on Venty!

You earn points for performing various in-app actions such as creating activities, receiving likes on activities they create, sending activity requests, and accepting activity requests. The points you earn are prominently displayed on your profile and can be redeemed for awesome prizes and rewards.



Create your first activity on Venty and earn 12 points

Every other activity you create on Venty earns you 4 points

Each 'Like' (thumbs up) that your activity receives earns you 1 point

Each activity request you receive from a Venty user to join your activity earns you 1 point

Confirm an activity request and you and the confirmed Venty user earn 2 points

Venty Lauch Giveaway*

As our little way of saying thank you for being an early part of the Venty community, we are giving away $50 Amazon Gift Cards to the first 100 users who reach 100 points on the app.



*Offer valid until December 31, 2022. Maximum of four created activities to count towards total points.

Our Partners

We believe that being social should be fun, safe, and rewarding. That is why we have teamed up with our partners to provide multiple ways for Venty users to redeem points they earn on the Venty app at any of our partners stores below.